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What really worries us ...

Aktualisiert: 14. März 2021

"People are not disturbed by the things themselves, but by the opinions they form about them ... " (Epiktet, stoic philosopher)

Does the seemingly not ending Corona crisis get to you more and more? The fear to catch the variant or, even worse, a close one? The daily life with so many constraints and so little outside contacts? Or possibly significant financial losses? The negative thoughts or anxieties which are implicitly present all around us, everywhere? Perhaps completely new questions have set in regarding your previous life and don't seem to go away?

Any such thoughts and worries are more than understandable. The general uncertainty is often reinforced by the large amount of often contradicting news.

Unfortunately we do not address sufficiently what we, as an individual, can actively do to best meet the challenges we face in these rather exceptional times, or to come out even stronger. And here, I am not talking about observing the rules to keep the virus away - that goes without saying -, I am talking about being aware of our "perspective on things".

Why is that important? Our wellbeing at all levels - body, mind and spirit - is closely related to our view on the world and on ourselves. Unfortunately, many of our thoughts and reactions negatively impact on our life as they are often based on self defeating limiting beliefs which we have been carrying around since early childhood. As an example, a belief such as "if the situation does not change quickly, it will not be manageable anymore", is not purposeful and logical but it makes dealing with the situation at hand even more stressful, in particular if these are recurring thoughts which then also negatively impact our mood. This may even weaken our immune system. Again, the close link between body, mind and spirit...

But it doesn't have to be this way! As Epiktet is supposed to have rightly said, "it is the opinions we form about a thing which disturb us and not the thing itself". It may disturb us because we - or someone close to us - had a bad experience with some"thing" in the past - a person, an animal, some other challenge - and our subconsciousness recalls it. It is imprinted in us. That experience could now be a completely different one, with a new imprint, if we give it a chance ...!

Are you ready for a new experience? I then invite you to straighten up, take a couple of deep breaths and now question - in an open way - a negative opinion you may have on a given situation: is the opinion which I am just now expressing, really true? and to consciously inquire if there is not a different way to react to such a situation - a more constructive, more adequate, more appreciative one, including for yourself, perhaps even including a bit of humor. Such a fresh view can lead to an energizing conclusion: I have a choice!

And if you made this inner choice your new priority? Once you make regular use of it, or best even train it, with heart and mind, you may realize how it can ease just any situation from self defeating stress, anxieties and negative thinking. My clients often report having more clarity, serenity and joy as a result. Also I make good use of this effective resource of a conscious choice of shifting my perspective in any given situation and I don't want to miss it anymore. But I am not talking of a choice governed by the wish to please but one coming from deep down inside of me.

Notably in the difficult moments in life which will always happen - Corona is just but an important example - , a conscious shift in perspective can cool down a situation immensely. It can thereby also strengthen our trust in life and in the fact that sustainable solutions will always unfold.

Some practice is nevertheless required so that our brain may construct new supportive networks. Otherwise we risk falling back quickly into the old patterns, notably when under pressure. I am happy to support you on this path as a holistic coach and therapist.

A cognitive approach, hypnosis and relaxation exercises, such as meditation and conscious breathing, are particularly valuable in this context. They enable sustainable change in the subconscious mind and thereby not only support change in the present moment but longterm, be it addressing negative thinking or emotions or supporting trust in life and yourself. They are therefore also valuable guides when reflecting about new ways forward, possibly triggered by the uncertainty of our daily life right now, and feeling stuck. Whatever it may be. It deserves to be addressed in a way that meets you and your needs and helps you to be at ease with yourself from inside out. As being said, you have a choice. And you are worth it.

With this in mind - take good care of yourself and stay healthy. And don't hesitate to contact me should you wish professional support. I work in German and English, in my consultation in Brussels (respecting the hygiene regulations in place) as well as per video conference and per telephone.

Warmest regards,

Birgit Weise

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Mariam Panosetti
Mariam Panosetti
Mar 05, 2021

So true Birgit, wonderfully expressed!

Weise Birgit
Weise Birgit
Mar 08, 2021
Replying to

Thank you, Mariam! Take good care and enjoy appreciate inquiries as a new approach .. Happy to talk about the impact it has at some point... !

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